We are on a mission to change the college admissions process and allow all students to reach their potential

Each year, acceptance rates at colleges in the US drop substantially. Both the number and quality of applicants are on an upward trend, and schools cannot meet the increased demand, forcing them to reject qualified applicants.

In each student lies the potential to earn admission to the university of his or her dreams and thrive there. However, the difficulty lies in showcasing this potential through one's high school experience and college applications.

About our name

The end depends upon the beginning, so they say, and our beginning depended upon our past.

Our experience in college consulting is homegrown, with deep roots around the ivy-covered towers of Princeton, NJ. We owe the success we have, in large part, to the talents and generosity of the local Indian community. When it came time to name our new company, it only felt right to name it in its honor.

After a bit of searching through dusty books and cobwebbed corners of the web, we found the perfect name: Akala, the Hindu god of knowledge and protector of the teachers.

Thrilled, we couldn’t wait to share it with our Indian family; imagine our disappointment when our excitement was met, time and again, with bewilderment instead of gratitude. But as we found out later, who could blame them? There are 3.5 million gods in the Hindu religion.

But we’re not embarrassed - even after 55 combined years of counseling experience, we still learn something new every day.

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