Meet the Team


Perry Kalmus


Graduate of The Lawrenceville School and Williams College. Perry co-founded the Princeton Education Network (PEN) in 2005. With over 14,000 students through the PEN program, he is an expert in College Admissions and Testing. He was also cofounder of DrinkCity, a tech startup in the bar and nightlife space.

Debon Lewis


Graduate of The Lawrenceville School and UPenn. Debon has over 12 years of experience in Urban Education working as an instructional coach and principal in both public schools and in the renowned KIPP charter school in NYC. He was also a founding member of three charter schools with Achievement First.

Barbara Kalmus

Head of Product

Graduate of Syracuse University and a Masters in Education from Suffolk University. Barbara has 40 years of experience in education. She founded the Princeton Institute for Quality Education in 1995 and then co-founded PEN in 2005. She is an expert in College Admissions and standardized testing.

Engineering Team

Omid Rhezaii

Lead Engineer

Rishiraj Tripathy

Market Research Analyst, Product R&D, Webmaster

Hi! I'm Rishi, and I'm a freshman at Duke studying Biomedical Engineering and Global Health. I'm from Plainsboro, NJ, and my passions include music and basketball. I could probably survive solely on Taco Bell. My real goal, though, is to somehow change the world for the better (maybe with AKALA!)

Xavier Lu

Software Engineer Intern

Product Research and Development

Prachi Mahableshwarkar

Nikhil Raman

Hi! I'm Nikhil, a rising junior studying Systems Engineering and Business at UPenn. I'm from Plainsboro, NJ. In my spare time, I love to sing, play tennis, and meditate. Fun fact: I'm part of the world's first Hindi a capella group!

Jaidev Phadke


Taylor Kennedy

Harry Zhang

Eddy Varela

Tiffany Zheng

Robert Delfeld

Nevin Barnet